Office365 Support

Prerequisite: you have an office 365 subscription.

Create a mailbox for NDR reports

Login at office 365 admin portal, then go to “Users” → “Active users” menu, and create a user for receiving undeliverable journal reports, eg.

Create a journaling rule

Go to Exchange admin center, then “compliance management”, and select “journal rules”.

Click right next to “Send undeliverable journal reports to:”, and specify the address you just created (ie.

  1. Enter “” to “Send journal reports to”
  2. Type “archiving” to “Name”
  3. Select “[Apply to all messages]” at “If the message is sent to or received from…”
  4. Select “All messages” at “Journal the following messages…”
  5. Finally click on “save”

Edit config-site.php, and setup IMAP authentication against office 365

$config['ENABLE_IMAP_AUTH'] = 1;
$config['IMAP_HOST'] = '';
$config['IMAP_PORT'] =  993;
$config['IMAP_SSL'] = true;

Your users are able to login with their IMAP accounts to the piler gui.