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Comparison with mailarchiva

Piler is a viable alternative to commercial email archiving solutions. The following chart provides a feature matrix of both Piler and Mailarchiva Enterprise Edition.

Archives all incoming, outgoing and internal emailsOKOK
Archives calendar (iCal) and contact (vCard) dataOK-
Archives Microsoft Lync instant message (IM) chatsOK-
Define archiving rulesOKOK
Attachment de-duplicationOKOK
Message de-duplicationOKOK
Archive compression (±60%, ZIP) & encryption (AES-128)OKAES-256+zlib (Blowfish for legacy emails)
Multiple disk/volume supportOK-
Removeable disk supportOK-
Auto volume creation per month/quarter/year/sizeOK-
In built recovery queueOK-
Live and scheduled archive backupOKscheduled / on demand
Data stored in compound archive files (easy to manage)OKN/A
Search entire company, department, user emailsOKOK
Easy search for beginnersOKOK
Expert search using query languageOKOK
Save and restore search queriesOKOK
Automated searching per time period; results delivered by emailOKOK
Infinite scrolling across all archived informationOKOK
Search inside Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, RTF, ZIP, tar, gz and Open Office attachmentsOKWord, Powerpoint, Excel, RTF, PDF, ZIP and OpenOffice attachments
Synchronize and display Microsoft Exchange and Gmail/Google Apps foldersOK-
Time machine - View change in folder structure over timeOK-
Import and display PST foldersOKimport only
Export emails en bulk to fileOKOK
Restore emails en bulk to mail serverOKOK
Print emails en bulkOKOK
Delete emails en bulk (authorized user only)OKOK
View emails and header informationOKOK
Social charts (depicts relations between users)OK-
Advanced statistics over selected period (e.g. attachment size/type etc.)OK-
Message conversation threadsOKOK
Define retention policiesOKOK
Index and display journal envelopesOKOK
Generate comprehensive journal reports in PDF/TIFF formatOK-
Auto & Manual Tagging - Group emails into cases and recall as neededOKmanual tagging
Legal Hold - Protect emails from being deleted by retention policiesOKOK
Send alert on content matchOK-
Access to archive from web consoleOKOK
Active Directory and basic authenticationOKOK
LDAP, OpenID Connect, SAML and iMail authenticationOKLDAP, IMAP, POP3
Windows single sign-on authentication (NTLM v2)OKOK
2-factor authentication (2FA)-OK
Google OAuth authentication-OK
Fine grained access controlOKOK
Search and retrieval using mobile devices (e.g. iPad friendly)OKIpad, and other tablets are OK
Inbuilt SMTP serverOKOK
Inbuilt Sendmail / Postfix milter serverOKOK
Inbuilt POP / IMAP clientOKOK
Web services APIOK-
Search through detailed audit logsOKOK
Email status alertsOK-
Real-time status infoOKOK
Real-time status chartsOKOK
Standard JMX monitoring interfaceOKN/A
Message attachment stubbingOK-
Access archive from Outlook (Outlook plugin)OK-
Multiple Exchange serversOKOK
Multiple Exchange storesOK-
Direct import from MS Exchange, Google Apps, EML, MBOX, MSG, PSTOKIMAP, POP3, EML, mbox, PST
Export to EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF and PST (with folder structures)OKEML, PDF
Export search results to CSV formatOK-
Fast search (half a billion messages < less than 3 sec)OKnot heard of such a huge real world archive…yet
Fast archiving (greater 200 messages/sec)OK*depends on the allocated resources
Scales to 60,000 users and beyondOK*depends on the allocated resources
Clustering & HAOK-
Route traffic across multiple serversOK-
Deploy redundant servers as neededOKOK
Passwords hashed & encryptedOKOK
Role based access controlOKOK
Support for TLS where possibleOKOK
Inbuilt certificate managementOKN/A
Antivirus scanningOKOK
Multiple language support (English, German, Russian, etc.)OKOK
Internationalized indexing and searchingOKOK
Easy setup & configurationOKOK
Runs on most operating systemsOKUnix only
Use of open standards, no proprietary formatsOKOK
Automatic updatesOK-
Appliance mode (define mount points, network settings, etc.)OKOVA
Online helpOK-
Native Multi-tenant (for ISP hosting)OK-
On Premise and Cloud AvailableOKon premise
Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013, Office 365, Google Apps, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, iMail, Lotus Notes, AXIGen, Communigate Pro, Neon Insight, Zimbra and othersOKmost of them
All versions of Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS XOKLinux, FreeBSD, Solaris
Tried and tested on VmwareOKOK
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