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Built-in SMTP server+
STARTTLS support+
tcp_wrappers support+
Virus checking+
Archiving rules+
Retention rules+
Attachment deduplication+
Zlib compression+
AES-256 encryption (Blowfish for legacy emails)+
Digital signing and verification+
Simple search+
Advanced search+
Save/load search criteria+
Tagging emails+
Adding notes to emails+
View/export/restore of archived emails+
Web interface
Access with a browser+
AD/LDAP authentication+
Single Sign-on+
Google OAuth+
IMAP authentication+
POP3 authentication+
2 factor authentication (2FA)+
Custom authentication hooks+
Access control+
Monitoring / Audit
Logging of events+
Search the audit logs+
Legal hold+
Status info/chart+
Import / Export
Export to EML format+
Import from PST, EML and mailbox format+
Import from POP3/IMAP account+
Google Analytics Alternative