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tcp_wrappers support

Update: tcp_wrappers support has been obsoleted with version 1.3.10. For piler versions 1.3.10 and newer, use the smtp acl list feature.

To enable tcp_wrappers edit /etc/hosts.allow and/or /etc/hosts.deny to limit access to piler. Example hosts.allow file

piler: ALLOW

Then if anything other than tries to connect to piler, it will get the following error:

telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
550 You are banned by local policy
Connection closed by foreign host.

You can see the following in syslog:

Oct 29 10:35:32 archivehost piler[23336]: connection from
Oct 29 10:35:32 archivehost piler[23336]: denied connection from by tcp_wrappers
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