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Manticore search is a drop-in replacement for sphinxsearch. Unfortunately the development of sphinxsearch has been stalling for quite a while, no bugfixes for quite sometimes, so the latest master and the upcoming 1.3.13 version has switched to manticore search.

Note that sphinxsearch is still supported, and you may keep using it. If you decided to switch to manticore, unfortunately you need to reindex, because the index files are not compatible.

The shipped manticore config /usr/local/etc/piler/manticore.conf supports real-time index data. To enable it, set the following in


define('RT', 1);

Also fix the following value in config-site.php:

$config['SPHINX_MAIN_INDEX'] = 'piler1';

Note that the note1 and tag1 indices are still plain indexed, and updated regularly from crontab.

When using real-time index, be sure to start, eg.

su -c /usr/libexec/piler/ piler &
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