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 ==== Documentation ==== ==== Documentation ====
 +[[comparison-to-enterprise-edition|Comparison to the enterprise edition]]
 +[[|Privacy policy]]
 [[gdpr-related-notes|GDPR related notes]] [[gdpr-related-notes|GDPR related notes]]
 +[[sphinx3|Sphinx 3]]
 [[installation|Installation instructions]] [[installation|Installation instructions]]
 [[upgrade|Upgrade instructions]] [[upgrade|Upgrade instructions]]
 +[[smtp-acl-list|SMTP ACL list]]
 [[piler-basics|Piler basics]] [[piler-basics|Piler basics]]
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 [[google-apps-free|Google Apps Free edition support]] [[google-apps-free|Google Apps Free edition support]]
 +[[kerio-connect|Kerio connect]]
 [[mailenable|MailEnable (professional and enterprise editions]] [[mailenable|MailEnable (professional and enterprise editions]]
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 [[migration-to-new-host|Migrating piler to a new node]] [[migration-to-new-host|Migrating piler to a new node]]
 +[[removing-emails-from-the-archive|Removing emails from the archive]]
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