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Google Apps for business

To make piler to work with Google Apps for Business, follow these additional steps.

Prerequisite: have a working piler installation with a publicly available IP-address.

Go to the Google admin console

Then select “Google Apps”, then “Gmail”, and “Advanced settings”.

Find the “Routing” section, hover over the “Receiving routing” item, then click “Configure”.

Give a name to the setting, eg. “piler-receiving-rule”.

Check the “Inbound”, and “Internal - receiving” checkboxes under “1. Email messages to affect”.

Check the “Add X-Gm-Original-To header” option.


Right under the “Also deliver to” option check “Add more recipients”, select “Advanced”, then check “Change envelope recipient”, and type the archiving email address at “Replace recipient”.


Click on “Save”, then on “Add setting”.

Do the same for “Sender routing”, except select “Outbound”, and “Internal - sending” at “1. Email messages to affect”

Finally click on the “Save changes” button.

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