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Piler install / upgrade service

Piler is a flexible tool that can be installed in several ways to best suit your needs. If you have a problem with installing or configuring piler, or you want to make sure that an upgrade goes as smoothly as possible, then the piler install (and upgrade) service is for you.

Contents of the piler install service

installation and configuration of

  • the latest recommended version of piler to a single host
  • all the required auxiliary services (sphinx search, mysql, …)
  • the latest web based gui

and 14 days of free support after the installation (via email/skype and/or ssh if required)


The stock piler install (or upgrade) price is 200 USD


A dedicated computer (either a physical or virtual, it's your choice) with a base installation of a supported Linux distribution (Debian 7/8 or Centos/RedHat 6/7) with ssh access and a root equivalent account (eg. sudo rights). Note that installing via teamviewer is not supported.


Piler is an email archive designed to run on a single host for a single company. If you need a horizontally scalable (the capability of adding more piler nodes on demand) archive with multitenancy support, then piler may not be a good choice.

When one size doesn't fit all

If you have a different environment or different needs, eg. install the base operating system as well, or installing piler to more hosts, etc, then feel free to negotiate.

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