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 |Virus checking|+| |Virus checking|+|
 |Archiving rules|+| |Archiving rules|+|
 +|Retention rules|+|
 |Attachment deduplication|+| |Attachment deduplication|+|
 |Zlib compression|+| |Zlib compression|+|
 |Blowfish encryption+| |Blowfish encryption+|
-|Retention rules|+| 
 |Digital signing and verification|+| |Digital signing and verification|+|
 |**Searching**|| |**Searching**||
 |Simple search|+| |Simple search|+|
 |Advanced search|+| |Advanced search|+|
-|Expert search|+| +|Save/load search criteria|+|
-|Save search criteria|+|+
 |Tagging emails|+| |Tagging emails|+|
-|Adding notes emails|+|+|Adding notes to emails|+|
 |View/​export/​restore of archived emails|+| |View/​export/​restore of archived emails|+|
 |**Web interface**|| |**Web interface**||
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 |AD/LDAP authentication|+| |AD/LDAP authentication|+|
 |Single Sign-on|+| |Single Sign-on|+|
-|Google ​OAUTH|+|+|Google ​OAuth|+|
 |IMAP authentication|+| |IMAP authentication|+|
 +|POP3 authentication|+|
 +|2 factor authentication (2FA)|+|
 +|Custom authentication hooks|+|
 |Access control|+| |Access control|+|
 |i18n|+| |i18n|+|
-|Custom style|+| 
 |**Monitoring / Audit**|| |**Monitoring / Audit**||
 |Logging of events|+| |Logging of events|+|
-|Search ​through ​the audit logs|+|+|Search the audit logs|+|
 |Legal hold|+| |Legal hold|+|
 |Status info/​chart|+| |Status info/​chart|+|
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