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 **How much memory sphinx requires** **How much memory sphinx requires**
-See the explantion at [[http://​​blog/​2011/​11/​11/​sphinx-memory-consumption/​|http://​​blog/​2011/​11/​11/​sphinx-memory-consumption/​]].+Connect to sphinx, then run the following statements:
 +show index main1 status like '​ram_bytes';​
 +show index dailydelta1 status like '​ram_bytes';​
 +show index delta1 status like '​ram_bytes';​
 +See the explantion at [[http://​​blog/​2011/​11/​11/​sphinx-memory-consumption/​|http://​​blog/​2011/​11/​11/​sphinx-memory-consumption/​]].
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