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 ==== Online demo ==== ==== Online demo ====
-The demo site contains ​3 million / 20 GB messages from several ​mailing lists and even spam. You may use 3 accounts to try its various features:+The demo site contains ​500 thousand ​messages from several ​sources ​and even spam. 
-|**login**|**password**|**role**|**additional info**| +[[https://​|Enter demo site]]
-|admin@local|pilerrocks|administrator|only for administering piler| +
-|auditor@local|auditor|auditor|has full access to all emails| +
-||ubuntu|user| +
- +
- +
-[[http://​|Enter demo site]]+
 Check out the [[https://​​dashboard/​snapshot/​x87j4NnGhHp6yND14DUQVTwGvDTM4Sol|new dashboard]] Check out the [[https://​​dashboard/​snapshot/​x87j4NnGhHp6yND14DUQVTwGvDTM4Sol|new dashboard]]
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