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 +==== Outlook support ====
 +Outlook has a nice feature, you can assign a web URL to a folder. So in a nutshell you don't have to leave Outlook and start a browser to access the archive.
 +Prerequisite:​ have a working web interface of piler
 +**Configuring Outlook to access the archive**
 +  -     Make a new folder, eg. "​EmailArchive"​
 +  -     Right click on it, then select "​Properties",​ and the "Home Page" tab.
 +  -     ​Select or check the "Show home page by default for this folder"​ cehckbox
 +  -     Enter the URL of the piler gui, eg. http://​​
 +  -     Click on the "​OK"​ button.
 +**Screenshot:​ accessing the demo site from Outlook 2013**
 +Note that it's best if you configure single sign-on, so you can spare your users typing their credentials to piler.
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