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Why archive emails?
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Welcome to piler, an
advanced open source
email archiver

Piler is an open source email archiving solution with all the necessary features for your enterprise.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery
Business continuity and disaster recovery
Piler gives you a secure central repository of emails providing the necessary information even if your mail servers are down.
Regulatory and compliance requirements
Regulatory and compliance requirements
Governmental agencies and other regulatory organizations require you to preserve emails for several years. To meet these obligations piler saves your emails in its long term storage.
Legal discovery and investigations
Legal discovery and investigations
Piler helps you to provide relevant information in a timely manner in case of legal discovery, audit or other events.
Storage management
Piler saves storage space by compression and smart deduplication. It also allows you to offload data from the mail server to piler, thus minimizes storage costs.
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